Bring The Hurt – Digital Download And Stream


Bring The Hurt – Digital Download And Stream


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|| This is not a DVD Purchase, this is a 1080p Download and Instant HD Stream ||

A collection of brutal bodybuilding training films. Old school hurt, filmed the new school way.  

The complete set of workouts shot alongside the critically acclaimed "100% Nasty" bodybuilding documentary. Join IFBB Pro, British and World Champion Bodybuilder Anth Bailes and the original "Mr Nasty" Leroy Davis of Dorian Yates Blood 'N' Guts fame in a unique fly-on-the-wall experience documentating the high intensity "beyond failure" training of every body part during Anths 2016 prep for the Mozolani Pro Show. 

Presented in Multi-Cam High Definition and spanning more than 2 Hours runtime across 4 Workouts - Back, Delts & Tris, Legs, Chest & Biceps - . Experience the fury, the pain and the signature training style that has built champion physiques from less than gifted genetics since the 1990's.

Every set, every rep, Raw and uncensored. A modern re-imagining of the Bodybuilding training film, designed as the essential pre-workout viewing experience. Ensure you have a gym within driving distance before viewing!

Runtime: 2hrs 23mins


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