100 Percent Nasty and Bring The Hurt Digital Download And Stream Bundle


100 Percent Nasty and Bring The Hurt Digital Download And Stream Bundle


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|| This is not a DVD Purchase, this is a 1080p Download and Instant HD Stream of both 100% Nasty and Bring The Hurt ||

100% Nasty & Bring The Hurt Digital Double Pack


100% Nasty: 

What does it mean to be a Pro Bodybuilder in 21st Century Britain?

Big Name Sponsorships, Mansions and Magazine Covers? Or is pursuit of the discipline you love one of the few guaranteed rewards in what has become a mainstream, “fitness” dominated sport?

In this feature length documentary by acclaimed fitness industry director James Grealish (Under Construction, Prep: The Series) we step inside the life of one of UK Bodybuildings most iconic characters, IFBB Pro Anth Bailes. Charting his ascension from working class pit-village beginnings in Tyne and Wear North Britain to attaining UK Bodybuildings highest award as well as multiple Mr Britain and World titles.

We follow Anth over a 10 month period of his life as he struggles to return to the competitive stage after a 2 year absence. Whilst attempting to overcome multiple injuries, his own personal demons and welcoming the arrival of his newborn daughter Leah, Anth continues to work 7 days a week to maintain his gym – Maxxmuscle. One of the last of a dying breed of “Hardcore” gyms.

Not only is Anth joined on his journey by legends of the sport IFBB Pro Ernie Taylor and the original “Training Partner From Hell” Leroy Davis, who pulls no punches in his assessment of the “softer” direction the sport has gone in and the true dark nature of pushing your body to the limit which is now lacking, Anth also journeys to Marbella Spain to seek out one of his childhood idols and the last Brit to win a Mr Olympia title. The elusive Dorian “The Shadow” Yates..

Runtime: 1hr 19mins

Bring The Hurt: 

A collection of brutal bodybuilding training films. Old school hurt, filmed the new school way.  

The complete set of workouts shot alongside the critically acclaimed "100% Nasty" bodybuilding documentary. Join IFBB Pro, British and World Champion Bodybuilder Anth Bailes and the original "Mr Nasty" Leroy Davis of Dorian Yates Blood 'N' Guts fame in a unique fly-on-the-wall experience documentating the high intensity "beyond failure" training of every body part during Anths 2016 prep for the Mozolani Pro Show. 

Presented in Multi-Cam High Definition and spanning more than 2 Hours runtime across 4 Workouts - Back, Delts & Tris, Legs, Chest & Biceps - . Experience the fury, the pain and the signature training style that has built champion physiques from less than gifted genetics since the 1990's.

Every set, every rep, Raw and uncensored. A modern re-imagining of the Bodybuilding training film, designed as the essential pre-workout viewing experience. Ensure you have a gym within driving distance before viewing!

Runtime: 2hrs 23mins


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